A Few Tips to Make your Dog Dance

Dogs are our best friends and our companions. They also have unique personalities that can shine through tricks that can do. Training a dog doesn’t only include potty training or leash training. It may also include simple interactive techniques to make it fun for everyone. Our dogs also appreciate these moves as they have done it for centuries. But it is really important to not overdo anything and not to harm them. Take any exercise as a fun way to spends a few moments of a day. One of the best tricks that a dog can play is dancing. It looks funny and amusing to any people. So, let us see simple ways to help your dog dance. There are even FCI dog dance world championship.

Steps to Teach Your Dog to Dance:

  • The easiest dance move that you can teach to your dog is the spin. You need to have two sets of verbal command that will let them spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Treats are the best form of motivation for your dog. Keep the treat in hand and teach your dog to spin. If they do it successfully, give them the treat. In other cases, encourage them to try it again to get the treat. Use the treat and your hands to teach it to the first and then add the commands.
  • Another graceful move is the ‘stationary leg weave’. In this, the dog will have to get in and out of a gap in your legs. You have to use the treat method again, where you use your hands to guide him to move through your legs. With time guide him to do a full weave around both of your legs to get the treat. You can also teach them to do the forward leg weave, where they do the same thing as you move forward.
  • Spinning around you in a circle is another dance move. It is quite similar to the first one as spinning is involved but you will be in the middle this time. Use the treat in your hand as a tool for guiding them into spinning just like you did the first time.
  • You can also make your dog your dance partner. You have to encourage them to just dance with you and you should treat them for doing so. The best way is to make a routine out of it and choose songs that your dog will like. If you hold a treat way above them when they are sitting, they will learn to stand up on their hind legs to get it. This way they will learn a new move. You can also hold their front legs to motivate them into the position.

Making your dog dance is definitely an amusing and easy trick. But never coax them into it if they don’t like it. You can also check out videos that explain the ticks in a much better way. If you want them to be a part of any competition, you can also hire a professional who specializes in canine freestyle.

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