Dog flea collar and its utilities

The most common sickness prevalent among pet dogs is fleas. The fleas, in turn, are the carrier of a number of very serious illnesses. The other symptoms of the problem of fleas include nausea and lethargy in the dog. Moreover, severe cases of fleas result in the dog being in a world of physical pain or a worst-case scenario. This can be prevented by the dog wearing a flea collar for the purpose of maintaining its health and all-around well-being. Read a review of one of the best dog flea collar which is a Seresto collar. This is one of the most effective ways for preventing these parasites from infesting on the body of the dog. The best method is to prevent the dog from getting affected by the fleas. However, if the case is such that the pet has already been affected by the fleas then much emphasis should be put upon the breaking of the cycle.

The reason behind using the dog flea collars

The dog flea collars are used for preventing the dogs from getting infected with germs and parasites like fleas. The reason behind the use of the dog flea collars is that these germs result in the spreading of various diseases and result in fatal danger to the pets. The dog flea collar has been certainly effective for the dogs that have been affected by fleas.

Types of dog flea collars

The types of dog flea collars that can be used for the purpose of prevention of the dogs from fleas are as follows:

  • The first type of the dog flea collar is made for the puppies and the dogs that are under the age of seven weeks and have a weight of fewer than 18 pounds.
  • The next type of a dog flea collar promotes the use of a collar that fits dogs of all sizes and provides protection for a time period of 12 weeks or less.
  • The third type of the collar results in the removal of the fleas, eggs of the fleas as well as ticks. The unique feature that is provided by this dog flea collar is that the collar does not get affected by the pet dog getting wet. Thus, this collar is especially effective for the dog owners who live near pools.

Choose the most effective dog flea collar

The choosing of the most effective dog flea collar is very important as it will be required for the pet dog of the house. Moreover, the dog flea collars that has imidacloprid or flumethrin result in the reduction of the count of a flea in the body by 95% within a time period of seven to eight months. The dog flea collars that have deltamethrin in them are proven to be effective for a count of 85 to 97%. The dogs’ flea collars on the other hand that has been injected with Propoxur result in the removal or prevention of fleas within a range of 80 to 90%, but they are no longer considered as safe. It must be noted here that majority of the dog flea collars start their work within a time period of 48 hours or two days.

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